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Emerging like a UFO amidst the Geneva landscape in October 2016, Village du Soir swiftly solidified its position as a pivotal cultural protagonist in Geneva's nightlife.

Fuelled by an intense desire to infuse fresh vitality into Geneva's somewhat lethargic nighttime scene, its visionaries embarked on the audacious endeavor of revitalizing an expansive industrial expanse spanning over 2,500m², transforming it into an authentic platform for artistic and cultural expression, accessible to all.

In essence, it materialized as an authentic "ephemeral" village, featuring a central square, meandering alleys, secluded corners, structures, and traditions. Here, individuals of diverse ages and backgrounds converge and intermingle against the backdrop of evening sands and the scheduled festivities hosted within the three different venues constituting the premises.


Area: 300m2

Capacity: 600

Number of bars: 5

Average age: 20-40 years old



Area: 185m2

Capacity: 〜300 people.

Number of bars: 1

Average age: 18-25 years old



Area: 200m2

Capacity: 300

Number of bars: 3

Average age: 30-45 years old


If each of the 3 rooms possesses a distinct identity, characterized by its specific music genre and unique ambiance (La Distillerie caters to those over 30), these spaces have undergone continual transformations as ongoing operations unfold. These changes result from the activities taking place within, including events hosted there, as well as the rotation of "bar guests" who successively animate the various bar positions of the Village each month.

As you might have gathered, at Village du Soir, nothing remains stagnant; everything evolves and takes shape over time, embracing a spirit of celebration and enjoyment with an authentic village essence. This is where life thrives, presented in its simplest form.

It's an experience to be lived and relived throughout the year, from Thursday to Saturday, within this unique and transient venue (a matter of savoring it!!), which awakens and comes to life each evening as a genuine hub of creativity, encounters, and exchanges centered around a diverse artistic program that's accessible to everyone.

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