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Your Spring horoscope

Updated: Apr 10

Since the Chinese New Year on February 10, we have entered a period that promises us luck and prosperity. Indeed, the year of the Wood Dragon is associated with growth and expansion, but each astrological sign of the solar horoscope presents its peculiarities, challenges, and opportunities.

What are they for the upcoming months of the year? We know that in spring everything awakens, nature, temperatures, and the sun. But how can we take advantage of all these beautiful energies?

To find out, just come and see...


This spring, there is evolution in personal life. Generally, your thought processes have improved and become healthier. This will allow you to manifest beautiful progress and a better quality of life.

Important dates: Between April 11 and 19 are the best dates for professional relationships. On May 29, Mars and Chiron in conjunction promise healing, both physically and psychologically.


You are the luckiest sign this year. So you have to take advantage of it! Despite the upheavals expected in spring, it will be a magnificent period of awareness. Your enthusiasm and determination will be clearly rewarded.

Important dates: In love, the best day would be May 23 with the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. The sextile between Jupiter and Neptune also promises beautiful professional inspirations on the same date.


You are exploring new lines of thought which will allow you to reach your aspirations. Your strategy has changed, your approach improved, and you know how to take advantage of your abilities. A new momentum that will help you really move forward.

Important dates: June 3 and 4 are the dates to remember for this spring. The exceptional Jupiter-Pluto trine promises success and will make you irresistible and formidable both professionally and romantically.


You strengthen your confidence in your qualities. You are getting closer to your goals but for this, you must not be timid and must be willing to take risks. You will be all the more rewarded.

Important dates: Your powers of seduction are undeniable thanks to good aspects of Venus with Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune between March 21 and April 5. Those who are single have great chances of meeting their soul mate during this period.


For you, spring rhymes with twists. You regain confidence in yourself and get involved in projects that are important to you. The adjustments made at the beginning of the year are gently bearing fruit. But stay patient, because over time other changes will manifest.

Important dates: On April 19 and 20, you make all hearts beat! The Mercury-Venus conjunction in Aries, accompanied by the Sun also in Aries, makes your charm irresistible. You are in high vibration and attract very beautiful situations.



In spring, you enter a virtuous spiral. Success, sweetness, and joy welcome you. You feel inspired and this motivates you to take action. You fight for your causes with enthusiasm and conviction.

Important dates: On May 18, the Sun forms a positive aspect with, among others, Jupiter. This announces great luck in business. On May 23, the configuration between Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune promises to fulfill all your wishes, especially in love.


The energies of spring will allow you to take action to unravel issues in all areas of your life. Don't be rushed, because progress will manifest but your actions need to be long-term.

Important dates: At the beginning of June, the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto form excellent aspects all favorable to the realisation of your projects. Be receptive to blessings because they will not delay in arriving.


This spring, you discover unexplored paths and live a daily life more in line with your aspirations. You may meet the love of your life in April, and beautiful discoveries and understandings are announced as well as numerous changes.

Important dates: April 10, 19, and 29, Mars in Pisces, thanks to its favorable aspects with Saturn, promises a good psychological balance, as well as harmony and peace.


This spring, you are asked to take things lightly and not to over-intellectualize all the information you receive. Your situation has improved, or your awareness of things allows you to appreciate it better. Either way, the stars are on your side, professionally and privately.

Important dates: On April 19, Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Aries which brings great complicity in your couple. For singles, this aspect is one of the most favorable of the year.


Thanks to your questioning and aspirations, you keep on track with conviction. This spring, you will move forward with determination and this will open up beautiful opportunities in your social life. Your initiatives will lead you to meet the right people at the right time and bring you luck.

Important dates: From April 19 to 21, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus in very good configuration bring you success and increase your power of action. An influx of money will surely come between May 18 and 24 due to favorable aspects between the Sun, Neptune, and Jupiter.


You experience spring as a real rebirth. Your commitment and enthusiasm are your best assets, and you are full of energy. You enter a new dynamic of life and your dreams are just waiting to be realized.

Important dates: On June 3 and 4, Jupiter in Gemini is in trine with Pluto in your sign. It's a rare aspect and it will meet all your social and professional ambitions. Don't be afraid to aim high!


This spring, you set aside your doubts and move forward serenely. You have confidence in your abilities and your loved ones appreciate your company. Good mood is on the agenda and you are well surrounded.

Important date: May the 23rd is THE date to remember. The double sextile of this day is a sign of great happiness! Neptune in a beneficial aspect with Venus and Jupiter in Taurus is synonymous with luck in all areas. It's the ideal time to realise your wishes.

Amandine VELASCO @ obellesenergies /


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