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When the Village Creates a Buzz

Updated: Apr 10

Retour sur les plus gros « happenings » du Village du Soir.

Some were drawn by the unbelievable story told by Seb Courage to announce the opening of the place (the famous UFOs, we'll get back to that in a moment), others by the "disruptive" advertising campaigns, not to mention the launch of a balloon in the colors of the Village during a World Cup match. Everyone ended up visiting the Village, driven by a curiosity tinged with a certain excitement to see what this place really had to offer. Spoiler: they were not disappointed. Let's look back at the biggest "buzz" moments of the Village.

What's a "buzz"? Seb Courage, the founder of the Village and former head of a communications agency, prefers the term "happening". This suspended moment, which suddenly creates a "wow" effect, and, above all, leaves a mark. To generate conversation, to gain visibility, but in a sustainable way, by embedding the memory over time. That's communication à la Village.

"As we are a cultural venue, our communication must be as well. That's why we create true works of art to get people talking about us, 'happenings' that convey not only our name but also our strong positioning."

The UFOs Arrive

It's 2016, and a rumor is spreading through the city: a flying saucer was spotted in the La Praille neighborhood, hovering above the stadium. The video and photos as tangible evidence of this extraterrestrial arrival circulate on social networks in a few hours, creating a real buzz with more than 4 million views. A few days later, the truth is revealed. Two extraterrestrials land on the set of the Geneva Show on Léman Bleu, bearing a message: "Le Village du Soir is opening its doors" (and no, the extraterrestrials are not coming to colonize Geneva), a show watched by half a million people.

The first happening, the first stroke of genius by Seb Courage.

Generating Buzz in Geneva is Good, Achieving Global Visibility is Even Better

To win this bet, why not aim for one of the most-watched events in the world? It's 2022, during the Switzerland-Brazil match. All eyes are glued to the field when a red balloon emblazoned with the "Village du Soir" logo lands on the pitch. A suspended moment, a fraction of a second before the intruder is removed. A fleeting appearance, but one that was enough to generate real buzz, with the image making the front page of India Today (300 million readers) and circling through 200 international media outlets including television, radio, and press. The image became the symbol of the match!

« Ce soir, je fais pas tard !»

End of 2023, Another Marketing Coup with the Hijacking of a Famous Advertising Campaign Well-Known to the People of Geneva.

By tapping into something that resonates, that already has significant notoriety, the Village provokes, but in an intelligent manner.

Intelligent and disruptive, but the result of thoughtful, "calculated" actions, according to Seb Courage.


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