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Delirium night!

"Looking back on a memorable first edition...

The Village du Soir once again proved its ability to transform Geneva night life into exceptional moments. On Saturday, March 9th, "Delirium" gathered an impressive number of night owls, who came to live an extraordinary festive experience. With XXL decorations and a lineup of prestigious DJs, the event was primarily an opportunity to celebrate the birthday of the founder of the Village du Soir, Seb Courage.

From the entrance, visitors were greeted by extravagant decorations befitting the event. Between the mesmerizing light shows and ephemeral artistic installations, the Village du Soir succeeded in creating a space where reality seemed to be on pause, inviting everyone to be swept away by the magic of the night.

The "Delirium" saw iconic figures from the electronic music scene take the stage. Kenny Carpenter, a former resident of the legendary Studio 54 in New York, shared his unique expertise with the Geneva audience, a legacy of the golden age of disco. Mike Candys, with his catchy beats, managed to lift the mood to a level of energy rarely achieved. Not to forget our resident DJs, true pillars of the Village du Soir, who once again proved their ability to gather crowds around dynamic and innovative sets. Special mention to the violinist THX Violin, whose virtuosity and the emotion emanating from his talent managed to elevate the event, adding a touch of grace to an already memorable evening.

But what really makes a night successful is its audience.

And there, "Delirium" surpassed all expectations. Smiles as far as the eye could see, bursts of laughter, bodies moving... The atmosphere was more than festive; it was contagious.

Looking forward to the second edition very soon!"


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