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Dear Villagers, dear Villagers, 


As you all know, we live in a particularly difficult period. Your Village had to close its doors for an indefinite period, weaning us from your jovial presence, depriving you of common festive moments.


No particular support is provided for cultural venues, of which the Village is one of the biggest players in the French-speaking landscape. The Village will live without supervision, it is acquired, and the Village will always live for and thanks to YOU. 


As such, today we are launching a sale of t-shirts. We have chosen a logo that represents us, that represents you and that represents a Geneva that will shine again after dark times. Post Tenebras Lux. After darkness, light. 


Part of the profits made will be donated to the artists of the Village, to the co-producers as well as to the Associations. All these actors have contributed to bringing the Village to life since its opening, sharing unforgettable moments with all of us. They are on the front line in the sectors impacted by this crisis. 


Villageoises, Villageois, we need YOU more than ever to be able to continue to bring together these talents from diverse cultural backgrounds. 

To find the thread of the incredible human adventure that we live every weekend and so that your Village lights up again like never before, let's make this t-shirt the symbol of solidarity and rebirth in Geneva.  ;

Post Tenebras Lux! 



Here are the 2 support packs:


Pack n°1: 1 T-shirt + 1 Entry on the reopening weekend (CHF 28.-)


Pack n°2: 1 T-shirt + 1 cap + 1 USB key  containing mixes from our resident DJs + 1 Entrance on the reopening weekend (CHF 48.-)

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